H Queen's has been specially designed to house art galleries with tailored exhibition spaces from the inside out. Features include floor plate sizes ranging from 4000-5000 sq. ft., flexible layouts, a floor-to-floor height of 4.65 meters, and minimal corridor space, providing tenants with a spacious layout for showcasing art and style.

The building is designed with an integrated building maintenance unit (BMU) that features a gondola system to facilitate the delivery of artworks through the operable facade (3.65m x 4.35m) on each gallery floor.

A specially designed glass shuttle serves the lower zone from G/F to 10/F to allow visitors in the shuttle to view cross-level artworks. The back of house staircase is also designed and decorated to provide comfortable access between gallery floors.

The fire service system is also tailor-designed for gallery use. The pre-action sprinkler system operates only when both sprinkler head and heat detector activated which could avoid immediate water damage to art pieces.

H Queen's provides a relatively larger floor plate size and less corridor space, with a floor loading rate of 5-10 kPA, which makes it a spacious layout for art galleries and art exhibitions.

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