H Queen’s is designed with the unique vision to bring together the best of international art and lifestyle ventures in the heart of Hong Kong. On 3 November 2018, the “Taste of Art” at H Queen’s offered an exclusive epicurean venture into experiences of inspiration — stimulating the senses of influential and sophisticated customers through our exquisite restaurants and art galleries, as well as different workshops.

H Queen’s has invited four honourable presenters for workshops throughout the afternoon. Our Art Appreciation seminars and Art Investment seminars were led by Ms. Sophie Hu, the Art Learning Director at Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Founder of The Inspirations Ltd, and Ms. Julia Ip, Founder and Chief Executive of Project Artist X, respectively. H Queen’s also invited Ms. Joyce Chiang, a modern calligrapher and designer based in Hong Kong to lead calligraphy workshops, as well as Mr. James Rowell, the Corporate and VIP Sales Manager of Altaya Wines to be the speaker of the wine tasting session in the evening.

Galleries at H Queen’s also had different exhibitions that day which gave visitors a full artistic and culinary experience.

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