H Queen’s (HQ) is proud to present "Voyages", a large-scale digital art installation consisting of video artworks presented by world-class galleries and artists, including teamLab (Pace Gallery), İnci Eviner (Pearl Lam Galleries), Zhao Zhao (Tang Contemporary Art) and Sputniko! (Whitestone Gallery). This is the first large-scale digital art installation shown on a main street in the busiest CBD in Hong Kong, where the passers-by can stop in their tracks to experience the Voyages among the hustle and bustle of Central.

Located at 80 Queen’s Road Central, "Voyages" is 6.5 metres tall and 8 metres wide, made up of approximately 200 LED screens, bringing a unique visual experience. The installation is running from now through 26 March, transforming the space into an invitation to journey through new ideas, drawing the viewer beyond themselves and on an ethereal voyage in March, Hong Kong’s annual arts month.

Upon the building’s completion in late 2017, HQ will be the first of its kind as a central art and lifestyle hub, which will revolutionise the way high-end art galleries operate.


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